Workshops for Mental Health Professionals – Clinical Psychologist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Play Therapist, Family Therapist, Therapeutic Play Practitioners, Counsellors or Trainees, Social Workers

1. Attachment Across Life Span Part I – IV

2. Attachment and Trauma

3. Symbolising your Journey Part I – IV

4. Integrating Counselling and Expressive Arts Tool Kit Part I – IV

5. Self Care – Restorative Using Art

6. Self Care – Restorative Using Clay

Workshops for Parents

1. Empowering Parents – Parents and NeuroScience

2. Empowering Parents – Be an emotionally connected parent

3. Empowering Parents – Parents Attachment & Parenting Attachment

4. Empowering Parents – Parents and Boundaries

5. Empowering Parents – Parents and Resilience Building

6. Empowering Parents – Inner Child Work

7. Empowering Parents – Understanding Anxieties

Workshops for Educators

1. Attachment in the Classroom

2. Educators and Neuroscience

3. Educators and Psychological First Aid

4. Be an emotionally connected Educator

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